Monday, October 29, 2007

Ancient MesoAmerica News Updates - Opening Banner
Ancient MesoAmerica News Updates 2007, No. 80: Puerto Rico - Major Archaeological Discovery at the Site of Ponce
Since last Friday several reports have appeared in online newsservices on the recent archaeological discoveries at the site of Ponce, in southern Puerto Rico. According to archaeologists working at the site, Ponce may be the best preserved archaeological site in the Carribean. Ranking as the major discovery at present is a large plaza measuring some 130 by 160 feet, lined with carved stone slabs. The site of Ponce has been known since 1985, but major work at the site was initiated about a month ago. The following two links bring you to two of the various reports that have appeared online, based on an original report for Associated Press, written by Laura N. Perez Sanchez:, In the side-bar three thumbnail photographs of the find are included.


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